Sunday, November 15, 2009
All the Excitement I Can Stand
There's been little going on in my world lately except work and work. Also, work, with the odd load of laundry. Our oven is broken, so between work and work I call Vinny, the oven repair man who may or may not show up on Monday night to fix it.

I say he may or may not because I didn't make an appointment for repair work with an assistant or manager of the Oven Fix-It Store. No, I did not make an appointment with a someone who will remind him where he needs to be at a predetermined time, but with Vinny himself who sounded like he was fixing someone else's oven and was thus preoccupied. At least I think he was. For all I know he was just sitting in the coffee shop around the corner banging a wrench against a table to sound busy when all he's really doing is killing time.

Anyway, this is the third time Vinny will fixing our oven. The last time he was here I learned that he knows the detective that handled my identity theft case. Small world.

With all the non-cooking going on in our house, I thought I'd take the kids to the movies yesterday afternoon. We saw Where the Wild Things Are and half of you are shaking your heads saying "That really isn't a kids' movie, lady," and to you I say "whatever." It was a good movie for Sophie, not so much for 4 year old Harry, who grew impatient. As for me, a mother of my own Wild Thing, I loved loved loved it. I thought it was great.

You know what else was great? When we stood up to leave I noticed that the man sitting right behind us happened to be one Mr. Gabriel Byrne. SWOON.

I did notice that he was texting a lot during the movie so if anyone follows him on Twitter and he talks about a lady scarfing popcorn during a movie that was me!


Anonymous Vikki said...

The secret danger of Twitter! Outed as a popcorn scarfer downer!

Anonymous mom said...

Gabriel Byrne, I just love him!!!!

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