Friday, July 20, 2007
Kinda Makes Me Wish I Was Being Audited
I mentioned a couple of days ago the letter we received from the IRS and in our research, I've discovered that I am a victim of identity theft.

Here's what I know so far: my SS# has been used for employment/wage reporting purposes, the perpetrator has opened at least one credit account, which is now long overdue, delinquent and is now in the hands of the legal department of a collection agency.

John's been able to talk to the company I didn't work for while I've been able to contact the collections agency about the delinquent account in my name. So far, all have been helpful.

Next I will need to contact the holy trinity of the credit reporting agencies, the authorities (local and federal since the IRS has come a-knockin'), as well at the FTC and the SSA. For sure there will be complaint forms, affidavits, dispute forms, letters, faxes, sworn testimony, headaches and possibly a lawyer. And a lot of wine.

What I do know so far, are the names (yes, more than one!) and address used on the W-2 form and the credit account. I also know that my signature does not match the thief's and neither do our driver's license numbers.

This morning will be dedicated to attacking this problem from all sides, filling out a lot of paperwork and keeping a timeline/record of all correspondence and communications.


Blogger CatMar said...

OMG! My friend just told me this recently happened to her. She was waiting for a credit card from Macys. When it didn't come in a long while, she called Macys who told her they sent it out and just yesterday a $1500.00 charge was put on it at an Apple store. (This was a Macy's bank card) She had to get the police involved. Macy's wouldn't give her a copy of her statement without a court order. It just got ridiculous. I haven't talked to her since then so I don't know if it got resolved yet. Hope you guys put those people behind bars!

Anonymous Mom said...

OMG, this is just awful, now i've got something else to worry about!!
I just hope between you & John this gets these people caught. I have heard all about this, but it has never happened to any one i knew, much less been related to. Just what you need!! I'll talk to you later, Love to my little chickens, You & John

Blogger Andie said...

I thought that the other day when i read your post, but didn't want to jinx it. Oh, so sorry. Buy yourself a shredder and start shredding everything with your names on it (or any important info). I hope they get this person.
Good luck!

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