Friday, October 16, 2009
Flu Ku Ka Choo
Wow. This flu business is no joke. I don't think I've ever been so sick in my life.

When I wasn't better after sleeping 12 hours Monday and resting all of Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to the doctor, the same easy-on-the-eyes doctor that treated me for my finger infection two years ago. Dr. Dreamboat cut to the chase after listening to a list of symptoms as long as his arm and said "Yeah, you're sick alright. Welcome to cold and flu season."

After he examined me I asked "So what is it? Flu? Swine flu?"

"Don't know. Could be."

"Well, what are you going to do about it?"

"I'll take some blood and a culture. Here's an antibiotic for your sinuses and here's a prescription for cough syrup. It has codeine so make sure you don't take it if you have to drive anywhere. I don't think you should work for the rest of the week if you don't absolutely have to and drink plenty of fluids."

Then he gave me a flu shot. "Shouldn't you figure out if I have flu before you give me a flu shot?" I asked.

"Nah. If you have it, it won't matter. If you don't have it, you're protected. And don't even ask for the swine flu vaccine. You won't get it. You don't meet the criteria."

I don't know what the criteria is and my head hurt to much to ask.

Last night before bed I took a dose of the The World's Best Cough Syrup and dreamed I was on a boat making eggplant parmesan with Roy Scheider. While we were cooking he kept saying "You're gonna need a bigger pan."
How awesome is that?


Blogger Andie said...

i'm so sorry...i had no idea you were/are sick! I feel horrible for you! get better soon! have some good old fashioned chicken soup!

Blogger CatMar said...

I just got off the phone with your mom and she told me how sick you are. Feel better and get plenty of rest. Be lucky you don't fit the criteria for the swine flu shot. Some people who do are people with illnesses (like me).

Anonymous Vikki said...

I'm behind in my blog reading. Hope you are on the mend!

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