Saturday, October 24, 2009
Caught Ya!
When you raise kids, you sometimes have to repeat yourself in order to drive a point home. "Don't pull the cat's tail," and then that is exactly what they do until the cat scratches them. "Don't hit your brother," "don't eat the Cheerios off the floor," "don't lick the bathroom wall." You say things, again and again and you wonder if they are GETTING it.

Last night I discovered that they are getting it. Harry was with me at the grocery store last night. We were in the bulk section, where you can buy everything from granola to popcorn and everything in between by the pound. I've often had to remind the kids to not eat their favorite things out of the bins, that they are not large containers of free raisins, etc.

When I walked over to the scale to weigh some items I was buying, Harry yelled over to me "Mo-om! This GUY is eating the food!"

The guy in question was indeed sampling the food and probably thought he'd quietly sample an oat stick but Eagle Eye caught him red handed. "I was just making sure those were the ones I like," he said.

To which Harry replied "Ha! Caught ya!"

The problem is that he's so cute when he says stuff like this it is hard to not laugh.


Blogger Andie said...!

Blogger CatMar said...

I'd be hysterical laughing!

Anonymous Vikki said...

Don't stand on the toilet paper. Don't lick your brother. Don't stand on your brother's head. All things I hope to never witness in a grocery store...because witnessing them in my home is bad enough.

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