Friday, November 6, 2009
Harry's always been stingy with affection. He is a boy, and as such, has no time to spare from his busy collapsing bridges/super-fast speedways/ultra-high Lego tower building schedule.

Lately though, Harry's been quite the little charmer and knows exactly how to use a little well-timed love to get what he wants.

I went out to feed the birds this morning and noticed him following me.
"Stay inside. You don't have a coat on."
"But I love you!"
"I know but you still have a cough. Watch from the window."
"But I miss you already."
"Oh, Ok! Come out. But just for a minute."

We started using parental controls on the living room television on school mornings and Harry misses it so much he will sit through The Weather Channel which plays on the TV in our room in order to get a little TV time. When I say "you really want to watch Weather on the 8's?" he says "I love Weather on the 8's. AND YOU." (Works every time.)

A request for m&m's right before dinner? "No, I'm cooking. Maybe after dinner." "Did you know that you're the prettiest mom I know?"
"How many m&m's did you say you wanted?"


Blogger CatMar said...

OMG!!! Is he the funniest child I know!! He sure knows how to get around you.

Anonymous mom said...

That's my boy!! When you get older Harry Boy, the girls will just swoon over you. love all around

Blogger Andie said...

what a ladies man..

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