Monday, May 11, 2009
Harry is at that age when just because he thinks things should go a certain way they automatically do. And if they don't, he likes to insist, relentlessly, until you either give in or get through to him that it just isn't happening. Like when I was trying to buy a box of tampons yesterday and he insisted he "must! have! THIS! Thomas! Video!" and I explained that he already has too many videos so no, no video today. And he just kept insisting and insisting and insisting and considering I'm buying tampons my tolerance for this was non-existant and then he decided to just up and leave.

Part of me (a tiny part) wanted to just let him walk right out and if he got lost or scared it'd serve him right but the other, much larger part of me believed there was a pedophile on the other side of those supersensistive doors at the drug store so I had to yell across the other three lines "STOP RIGHT THERE!" But he didn't, he kept right on walking (in a pair of mismatched crocs), while yelling over his shoulder "I'M GOING TO FIND MY FATHER!"

Like this tactic was ever going work. Pffft.

I left everything, including my purse, on the counter while I raced out to make sure my only son actually met up with his father (who was waiting outside but I wasn't sure exactly where), then saw an older man trying to walk into the store tell Harry "no little boy, you have to listen to your mommy and go back inside." To which Harry replied "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" as he raced past him. I went back in to finish my transaction, grateful I didn't have to pull him back into the store screaming and for the 60 seconds it gave me to catch my breath.

He wailed the whole way home because when you're four, crying that you will not be in a time out for the four block walk home is just another way of trying to make something happen (or, in this case, not happen) through insistance. And screaming. Good lord, that kid can be relentless.

After the time out, we talked about how how we have to have patience, elusive as always, and also how dangerous it is to leave your grownup, that he could get lost or hurt or taken. When it seemed to be getting through to him I said "Now, what would you do if a strange, scary man saw you outside the store and asked you to help him find his lost puppy? What would you say then?"

"I'd say 'OK!' "

Then it way my turn to be relentlessly insistant....


Blogger Andie said...

aren't kids wonderful?

Anonymous Mel said...

My almost four-year-old boy is very much the same. His sister was much better at listening to reason, understood rules, liked structure and could accept no. This one is insistent also. He Knows the way things should be, if I would just listen and do what he says. I'm sure to have a bald spot before he's five. Let me know if you learn any tricks. (He has no fear of strangers, either)

Anonymous mom said...

Hi Luv,
That Harry Boy is something else, I really hate to say it but he reminds me of Michael at that age. Just be strong & consistent!!
Love you,

Anonymous Vikki said...

I'm thinking he and Zeca would make a great match.

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