Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Just Some Random Thoughts For Today
Pirates. I understand the why and the who, I just don't think they are dressed appropriately.

While I was grocery shopping yesterday there was a robbery. I didn't realize it was happening until it was actually over. The thief was attempting to make off with a cart full of frozen shrimp.

I will take this week's forecast of three days of rain in exchange for an 80 degree Saturday we have coming up.

Have I told you that I am the new editor of our church's newsletter? No? Oh, well, I am. I need something to keep me busy and volunteering to do this seemed like a good idea. The newsletter is distributed in two languages: English and German. I don't speak German so this should be interesting!


Blogger Andie said...

good luck with the German~ should be interesting!!

Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Love,
Aren't you busy enough?
Love You,

Anonymous Vikki said...

A cart full of frozen shrimp? For real? Wow, times really are tough.

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