Thursday, April 16, 2009
It Happens, But You Don't Usually Announce It. Unless You're Four.
Last night after dinner I took the kids out to ride their scooters before it got too dark. Harry was trying so hard to keep up with his big sister and when he got to the end of the street he tried turning too quickly and fell.

I saw him get up almost immediately but I yelled over to him anyway. "You OK?"

"I'm OK, Mom! I farted, but I'm OK!"


Blogger CatMar said...

How funny is Harry? LOL!

Anonymous Mom said...

That's my Harry-Boy, he is too funny.

Anonymous Mel said...

I laughed hysterically at this and then my husband came over to see what was so funny and he laughed hysterically. Having a three and half year old boy we are constantly faced with little gems like this. Now when someone in our family drops something, or slips or stubs a toe and someone else yells out "Are You Okay?", we say "I'm Okay, I Farted, But I'm OKAY."

Blogger Andie said...

that is definitely something John would Love ya Harry!!

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