Friday, May 15, 2009
We are anxiously waiting to hear whether or not Harry has a spot in the pre-k class at our neighborhood school.

Because of the mini-baby boom New York is experiencing, he is not guaranteed a spot just because we've applied. There are roughly 8000 kids (or 4,000+ parents) vying for 77 seats. OK, I exaggerate on how many are vying for the seats but you know, that's how it feels. Suddenly I can see how parents can become obsessive over getting their kids into pre-school. It's a fine line between hoping for the best and doing everything you possibly can make it happen. So far, I've managed to stay on the hoping-for-the-best side of the line.

We had to submit an application to the Department of Education indicating which school we were planning on sending our son, along with two "safety schools" nearby, and by nearby I mean "close enough to walk to but not so close that it wouldn't be a big ol' pain in the tukkus to get to when you have a child in a whole other school."

We are relying nepotism, geography and luck. Harry already has a sibling in the school and we are zoned for this particular school and this gives him a slim margin of preference. Here's hoping the luck of the Irish is with us because there will probably be a lottery for the seats once they whittle the choices down.


Anonymous Mom said...

Good Morning Daughter,
The best of luck to you and Harry-Boy!
Love You, Mom

Blogger CatMar said...

Good luck in Harry getting a seat in this year's pre-k.

Blogger Andie said...

good luck Harry!! You will love pre-k just as much as John did!

Anonymous Vikki said...

Good luck! When will you know?

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