Monday, March 3, 2008
The First Symptoms of Spring Fever
It seems like it was February just last week. Oh, wait. It was just last week. And now it is March. Hey, I'm great at this late-winter stating-the-obvious thing!

The weather for the NYC area is forecast to be 55 degrees...this is very lamb-like for the third day of March but also a welcome change to the unpredictable, damp, dreary weather we've had lately.

This morning the birds I like to feed in our yard were out, chirping away because I was late with their breakfast. The male cardinal made a cameo and the spat with the missus must be over because they ate together.

And so now I am really regretting coming to work. I'd much rather be sweeping the outside patio, taking stock of my flower pots and trying to decide what will live in those pots once the nicer weather settles in. I'd really like to be killing time at the hardware store looking at the seed displays, wondering if I should start some basil or just buy a couple of plants from the nursery and be done with it.

Then I'd like to wander over the pest control section and stare longingly at the squirrel traps....


Anonymous Mom said...

Noooooo, not the squirrel traps!
You should see Miko try to get the squirrels, she is so funny, she actually thinks she can catch them, so she is applying for a position with you as a squirrel watcher and catcher!!!
Love, Mom

Blogger Andie said...

if it makes you feel any better, there is one less squirrel today on staten island.....a car in front of me, ran one over...oh, yes it was gross. then i felt bad, then i remembered my poor friend who has so many problems with them and i laughed this evil laugh.....

Blogger CatMar said...

I wish I had a green thumb like you. At one time I did but now I somehow kill my plants. And as for the squirrels.... get the traps!!!

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