Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Table for One
Last month, our local hardware store had a sale on bird seed. Three 20 lb bags for $11. Of course I bought some, because don't all NYC apartments have space for 60lbs of bird seed? (The answer is NO. And attempts to pawn it off on neighbors and my father have been unsuccessful.)

So, every morning I sprinkle some seeds on the back patio and listen to the birds chirping and watch the cats fuh-reak out over the nearness of the birds to their claws IF ONLY THIS PANE OF GLASS WASN'T IN THE WAY.

Anyway, we've enjoyed blue jays, sparrows, starlings, mourning doves and cardinals. Also that squirrel. You know what I'm talking about. Yeah, him. And all his bushy tailed punk friends.

But I digress.

You may remember that last year I mentioned that the pair of cardinals that live in our backyard had welcomed a
new addition to their family. That baby, has since up and left the nest. So for awhile we were back to just the adult cardinals visiting us but now I've noticed that it is just the female cardinal that is visiting us lately. I haven't seen the male at all and I am worried. Of course, it is entirely possible that he is eating the seed when I'm not looking but our gal looks lonely. Usually the male would be nearby and you'd hear his chirp and off they'd go, back to their nest. But she comes and pecks around, stays longer than usual and then takes off, all alone.

I would like to think that the male could be caring for young hatchlings but I don't know if cardinals have young this early in the year. Anyone out there know if they do?


Blogger Andie said...

maybe that had a spat??

Anonymous Mom said...

Good Morning Lovey,

You are so funny, "bushy tailed punk friends" had me ROTF, i don't know where you get your sense of humor or wittiness from, maybe dad because i sure don't have those 2 qualities!!!
Talk to you later,

Blogger CatMar said...

Cher, I think you're right. I can picture Barry saying some of those things.

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