Monday, February 25, 2008
Sledding Kicked My Ass
I should have waited to post until 11am yesterday. That would have been a full 24 hours after our outing to sled with the kids. 24 hours is the magical time when the DEBILITATING pain sets in. And then lasts for 12 more hours. Everything from my hips to my toes hurt. Apparently, walking up a hill in the snow (with a three year old attached to you for one of the trips) is considered EXERCISE, and walking up a few flights of subway stairs 5 days a week is not considered training for this exercise.

At around 2pm yesterday, I thought it a good idea to hobble around the house with a vacuum cleaner in tow to clean under tables and chairs and in corners. I actually felt better being up and about and not sitting on a heating pad and downing ibuprofen. Then I used the hose attachment to reach under the tv stand and when I tried to pull the machine closer to me it fell over onto my foot. I have a nice purple bruise to prove what a klutz I am.


Blogger Andie said...

OUCH! You must've sledded harder than me, I'm not sore!!

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