Friday, July 6, 2007
Don't Think I Haven't Noticed
Dear Squirrel,

Don't think I haven't noticed. I see you, swishing your puffy little tail around, jumping around in the trees and squawking your little head off. You think I think it's all business as usual and that I have turned my attention to the feral cats who think our backyard is a litter box.

But I know better. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID. You took it. My LAST hen and chick plant.

You can look all innocent, coming up to the window and peering in, seeing what's going on in our kitchen. But if you know what's good for you, you'd better go pray in front of that St. Francis of Assisi statue over in the neighbors garden because if I get my hands on you......



Anonymous Mom said...

You are too too much, too, too funny!!See you tomorrow.


Blogger CatMar said...

I agree with your mom... you are too funny. That squirrel better watch out!

Blogger Andie said...

lol MY MOM WOULD definitely agree with you, she has the same problem. you are too funny.

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