Friday, February 29, 2008
This post is going to be all about Lost so for those of you who don't watch...well, I don't know what to say to you except how could you NOT watch?

Anyway, awhile ago I complained about t
he fact that Penny, Desmond's girlfriend, who is supposed to be looking for him, hadn't been well represented in the story line since the end of season two. And that for me was a big problem. Don't show someone in a cliff hanger and then conveniently just gloss over the fact that she was close to finding him, thanks to the blokes she hired off in some igloo (I'm paraphrasing). We caught a quick glimpse of her at the end of season three but so what? We didn't learn anything new except that the freighter is not her boat.

Well, last night we hit paydirt, didn't we? Desmond not only MADE OFF THE ISLAND but he called Penny to wish her a MERRY CHRISTMAS. And he had to go back to the past to get her number in order to call her in the future. Now that's LOVE.

Merry Christmas, Brutha!


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I'm one of those people who don't watch LOST. Why? Because I watch too mamy other tv shows. I have no life... between dvring my soaps all week and other shows on prime time... there's just no time for lost. I was one of those people that was kind of glad durinf the writer's strike. There was nothing new on my favorite shows so I did other things instead of watch the tube.

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