Wednesday, February 13, 2008
All The Crazy People in NYC Should Be This Friendly
Yesterday, we got a "snowstorm." If you could count 2.5" of snow as a snowstorm. As the night wore on, the snow changed to rain and now the streets are slushy. It made for a messy commute this morning and you could tell people were in that mid-week, mid-winter, slushy rut.

I had just sat down to a good Sudoku puzzle when a guy boarded the train and began greeting people. I didn't have to look up to know he was crazy. I could hear it in his voice.

"Good morning. How are you? Hello!" he said to everyone in his line of sight while feasting on potato chips.

Most people were oblivious that they were being spoken to until he spoke a little louder. "I said, HOW ARE YOU THIS MORNING?"

People grumbled "fine," in response and went back to their newspapers but one guy, the poor soul, got the deluxe treatment. "Are you warm enough, today? Oh, and Happy Valentine's day!" The man thanked him and went back to drinking his coffee.

Then someone coughed. "Are you alright?" the Friendly Crazy Guy asked. The cougher assured him he was.

Then Friendly Crazy Guy sat down right near me. I must have done a great job blending into the scenery because he didn't speak to me. But he did continue to greet every person boarding the train, as well as wishing those exiting a fond farewell. "So long now! Bye. Take care!"


Anonymous Mom said...

Good Morning Love,

I guess that guy really is friendly. Better than the guy that hacked his therapist to death!! I love you, be careful out there

Blogger Andie said...

he must got "some" last

Blogger CatMar said...

I have to agree with andie. Anyone THAT friendly must have gotten lucky! LOL

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