Wednesday, September 9, 2009
1st Day

Today was the first day of school. Sophie started the 3rd grade and Harry entered pre-kindergarten.

This photo doesn't show the stress involved in getting them ready for the 1st day of school, which is good because in 20 years I'd really like to stumble across this photo and not remember spending the past four weeks trying to track down our now-retired pediatrician for the completed medical form. I'd like to forget that I told the babysitter the kids' dismissal time was noon, when it was actually 11:30 for one and 3:30 for the other. I'd like to have not argued with my mom over paper towels on the walk home from drop-off (sorry, Mom) and just remember them up at 6:30am, raring to go, ready to learn, eager to get out the door already.


Blogger Andie said...

awe, sorry to hear about your stressful morning. ours went the pic

Anonymous Mom said...

Harry-Boy, you looked so handsome,but you stuck your tongue out, shame, shame - I don't care, I love you anyway.

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