Tuesday, August 18, 2009
The Fair
What is it about a county fair that makes me want to high-tail it out of the city and live in the country?
Maybe it's the country livin' wisdom. Waste Not, Want Not, according to the Grange hall.

Maybe it's knowing those peaches you put up in
July will taste sweeter with a blue ribbon hanging from the jar.

Maybe it's that Harry looks good in green.
Maybe it is the rabbits. I would like to raise rabbits.
Angoras, for their hair, which I will sell.
(This is not an angora, but he's cute anyway.)
Maybe it's the bunnies.
Maybe it's the pigs and their curly tails.

Maybe it's the poultry. Living life surrounded by chickens might be better than living in New York surrounded by pigeons.
Oh, wait a second, those are roosters.
Obviously I'd need the remedial farming class.

Maybe it's the creative things country folk do with potatoes.

Maybe its the fresh country air. It makes you tired.


Blogger Andie said...


Blogger CatMar said...

The country air will do it ll the time!

Anonymous Mom said...

they are so tired, poor little ones.
Hey my Harry-Boy, you look so cool on that "John Deere"
Love you all.

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