Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Random Assortment of Observations
On neighbors: the neighbors with whom we've become acquainted with and make activities at our weekend place such fun? Some of them also get a tad out of hand when tensions are high at swim meets and can be...shall we say, prone to irrational and borderline violent behavior. (But it's still all good.)

On social responsibility: I was reading a book to the kids recently about the ocean. When we got to the part about sea sponges, I told them how they really do come from the ocean. Sophie asked "Is the government regulating how many are taken from the ocean? If they don't they will end up on the endangered species list." A little part of me thinks an eight year shouldn't worry about such things but a big part of me is glad she does.

On social manners: we took the kids to dinner on Saturday night. The food was taking a little long to come out of the kitchen so Harry stood up, pointed to two elderly women across the dining room and said "AM I GOING TO HAVE TO LOOK AT THESE TWO WOMEN ALL NIGHT OR ARE WE GOING TO EAT DINNER?"

On neighbors, part II: This weekend we are having our sorta-annual block party so I've been tidying up the house all week where tidying up = finally putting away the recipes sitting out since Easter.


Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Mer,
OMG, I can't believe how very smart Sophie is, an 8 yr old asking questions like that & using those words is astonishing!! My Harry-Boy has such a mouth, but I couldn't stop laughing, I could just picture him looking at those ladies and saying that, he is too funny.
Love to all,

Blogger CatMar said...

How hysterical Harry is! He'a too funny for words. Sophie is a very smart child...That's it! I have new names for your children. Hysterical Harry and Super Brilliant Sophie!

Blogger Andie said...

I'm very proud of Sophie for being so concerned about the sponges!! And Harry, the future stand up comic!!

Anonymous Vikki said...

Sophie the wise and Harry the wise-cracker (at least this time around). Awesome!

Anonymous Mom said...

Vikki, that is too funny, love it!!
Meredith's Mom, Cheryl

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