Sunday, August 16, 2009
Block Party
By city permit, our street was closed at 9:00 am yesterday for our annual block party but it didn't officially begin until after one of our elderly neighbors who passed away earlier this week was driven by her house for the final time on Saturday. She so loved our block parties, it was only fitting that she kick it off.

Yes, you read that right. We kicked our block party off with a funeral procession.

But it's all good! Because after, we put a table up, dragged our grill out front and spent the day eating burgers and franks with old friends and neighbors. In the process we met two new sets of neighbors who are new to the street. Also, they each have a child identical in age to our children, and so our kids made new friends and didn't say they were bored once.


Anonymous Mom said...

So, we get only 1 picture? Kidding, It was nice that Josie kicked the whole thing off!!

Blogger Andie said...

what a NY way to kick off a block party!! RIP Josie....

Blogger CatMar said...

I wish we had block parties on my block! Come to think of it, there were never any block parties where ever I lived. Glad you enjoyed yours!

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