Monday, June 8, 2009
The Right Tool for the Right Job
I rarely find myself with unexpected spare time on my hands but this was the case on Saturday when we went to the camper to take care of a minor problem which was easier to fix than anticipated.

So I stood with my arms akimbo and thought "how could I spend the rest of this Saturday morning?" I headed to dear old dad's, borrowed a shovel and set forth to get the hard, rocky soil in a small garden turned and weeded to make room for plants, tree(s) and/or shrubs. It was painfully slow (see above re: rocks, hard-packed earth, etc.) and when John saw what I was doing he said "Wait, why aren't you using the pick ax?" To which I replied "Say wha? We have a pick ax?"

Turns out we've had one all along. He found it in our shed and kept it in case we ever needed it. In a mere 30 minutes my husband broke up the dirt and removed all the larger rocks for me.
We were finished before noon so we took the kids to town for lunch and bought a token plant to put in said garden. This is a Blue Hill Salvia, and with some care it should come back next year. It attracts bees and butterflies and the lady at the garden center claims deer do not eat the flowers. It looks rather lonely but will soon have company when I bring up other plants from home and from the gardens of two friends who have graciously offered to let me raid theirs.


Blogger CatMar said...

Never knew you had uch a green thumb. Good luck with your garden.

Anonymous mom said...

First to Marilyn - Meredith is a great gardener, i wish i had her stamina.
Mer, you are sooo cute!

Blogger Andie said...

Cast-when Mer & I were little, we had a garden in her nanny's yard!! (remember Mer??)

Love the flowers you've planted so far...take pics when more are planted!

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