Thursday, May 28, 2009
We're In!
We finally heard back on whether Harry was assigned a spot at our neighborhood school. He was!

There were a few days when I wore myself out thinking of what would happen if he didn't get a seat. There was the "I will appeal the decision to no end and perhaps write a large check to the PTA" line of thinking. There was the "That's it! We're moving!" line of thinking, as well as the ever popular "I will beg the principal to intervene on my behalf and write a large check to the PTA." I knew I was becoming delirious when I wondered how large the check would have to be to get my name above the library door? Or if they'd name a new science lab after us?


Blogger Andie said...

Congrats Harry!!

Anonymous Mom said...

Congrats my sweet boy, You are going to have lots of fun!
Love & Miss You,

Blogger CatMar said...

Congats Harry!

Anonymous Vikki said...

What a relief! Of course, the science lab thing would have been cool too ;)

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