Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Things have been simultaneously busy yet unexciting at This Charming Life. Rather that rack my brain for a funny spin on the goings on over the past week, I'll put it in index form, like Harper's.

Number of science projects researched and completed: 1
Number of penguins harmed in science project research: 0
Number of incidents involving bodily harm around the house: 5
Number of family members who sustained the bodily harm: 3
Person who sustained the most boo boo's: Harry
Location of boo boo's: head and face (oy!)
Number of people in our household who are suffering allergies: 2
Number of sneezes occurring over the past five days: we lost count
Of those suffering allergies, percentage of sufferers that are parents: 100
Number of robins spied in backyard: 3
Number of northern flickers spied in backyard: 1
Number of bumblebees seen, proving once and for all that spring is finally here: 2
Number of Mo Willems "Pigeon" books read over the last seven days: 3
Percentage of readings that involved rereading the books: 100
Estimated number of Thomas the Tank Engine video viewings: 45
Percentage viewed online: 30
Percentage viewed on demand: 20
Percentage viewed on DVD: 50
Number of songs imported into my ipod library from my dusty cd collection: 3667
Number of books I've read since receiving my ipod: 0 (it is very sad)
Number of visiting relatives in the NYC area: 4
Number dinners in Little Italy with said relatives: 1
Number of dental visits: 1
Number of xrays taken to determine that nothing is wrong: 1
Work days missed due to dental care: .5
Batches of brownies made in my new Bakers Edge pan: 1
Number of dark chocolate squares and peanut butter "open face sandwiches" consumed: 8
Calorie count of "sandwiches": don't ask


Blogger Andie said...
Blogger CatMar said...

You are way too funny and BUSY!!!!! Poor Harry... kiss his boo boos for me.

Anonymous vikki said...

I have found that iPods can be a total time suck. A fun one though...

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