Tuesday, April 8, 2008
In Which I Narrowly Avoid The Birds and Bees Discussion
Spring is in the air and lots of ladies we know are having babies, which is fodder for all sorts of interesting conversations in our house.

The other day Sophie told us that she saw an episode of a Baby Story on TV and knows "all about having babies now."

I had a heart attack and died. The End.

Not really, but there were many heart palpitations and white knuckles and much bracing of myself as I said "Oh. So what do you know about it?"

"Well, I know how it feels."

"Really? How does it feel?"


Paranoid Mommy would have said "yes, it IS horrible but it is less horrible if you are over the age of 30 or have a law degree and a husband. But I took the high road and was Honest Mommy and merely said "That about sums it up!" while praying that would be the last of that conversation and luckily it was. I'm not convinced that Honest Mommy said the best thing but what's done is done.


Blogger Andie said...
Blogger CatMar said...

ok, so you satisfied her need to know for now, but don't think it won't come up again. Honest Mommy bought her some time to think it through or maybe to get some sort of book. I remember when my sister had Matthew, I took 4 year old Tara on the bus to meet her new cousin. In front of all these people on the bus she asked that question..."Where do babies come from>" I said I'd tell her later. She kept insisting, getting louder and louder. I don't know what shade of red I turned but this little old lady was hysterical! LOL

Anonymous Mom said...

Good Morning Luv,
She is too much. I guess when the questions come, honest Mom should well, just be honest!! My precious heart is growing up too fast.
Love, Mom

Anonymous vikki said...

My son is 6. Last year, he saw a documentary about various mammals getting pregnant and then giving birth. A few days later, we were at the Y and getting in the hot tub (which was full of people) and he said, "MOM! I can't get in the hot tub. It will kill my sperm!"

Blogger AmyV said...

I know this sounds horrible, especially given that I'm a woman myself, but it's times like these when I'm sooo glad I have boys. Sure, I'll be there to answer questions and hope not to shirk my responsibilities in this respect, but when the boys start asking the questions, Daddy's the one who's really going to have to step up to the plate...

Did I say I know that sounds horrible?

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