Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Hi! Remember Me?
It has been quite a week, what with Easter, communion (Sophie's), a birthday (mine), potty training (Harry's) as well as the perfunctory cooking, cleaning, laundry that needs tending to.

So I'm another year older and much more spoiled than I was the last time I posted. My husband treated me to the complete Gilmore Girls series on DVD, which is just UP THERE on my list of things I don't really need but totally freaking want, practicality be damned!

My mom and stepdad renewed my subscription to Entertainment Weekly, which is just about the best entertainment magazine hands down. Yes it is. Don't argue with me. When it comes in the mail every Friday it is like having a little birthday again, just without the hassle of turning a year older.

The kids bought me books. When John shopped for them, he asked the saleswoman for a recommendation on a book to follow up The Kite Runner and she recommended this and this. Stay tuned for a review in the fall soon.

My dad and stepmom bought me a ridiculously roomy ipod. The fact that they were related to one of the last people on earth to not own an ipod irked them. Not really, but they did seem surprised that I didn't have one. I do now and practicality? Take a hike. This is nice and it was a welcome change listening to music while I ran errands at lunch instead listening to the crazy people in NYC.

Sophie's communion was great. She is really coming into her own and it was nice to see her make this milestone. Her Sunday school teacher suggested letting her watch The Ten Commandments so she could see the story of Moses and how it relates to being eligible for communion and knowing the Lord's Prayer (the version without time travel). She enjoyed the movie and it really did drive the message home. So much so that when I took her to church on Holy Thursday, they read from the book of Exodus and when she heard the part when Moses tells Aaron how to prepare for the Passover, she turned to me and said "it's just like in the movie!"

There were Easter baskets, an egg hunt and a nice Easter dinner with an appetizer of many slices of cheese and crackers with sopressata. And lo, I ateth of the sopressata until it was no more and for two days now I hath had no desire to eat much-eth. Amen.


Blogger Andie said...

Happy Easter
God Bless you Sophie!!!
Good luck Harry!

Blogger CatMar said...

Sounds like you made out well for your birthday. Hope it was as happy as you sound. Please send or post some pics of Sophie's communion.

Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Again,

I am so glad you had a good Birthday, I was awake on 3/20 around the time you were born, and going back in time, it was wonderful!!

Does Sophie know that "Ten Commandments" is one of my favorite movies? Well it is!! I can watch that movie every time its on and never get tired of it.
Well have a wonnerful day!!
Love all around,


Anonymous Mom said...

Sorry!, P.S. Harry-Boy, keep up the good work!! Again, Congrats Sophia, You are a shining star

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