Thursday, February 15, 2007
i'm a dirty girl
marketwire reported today that the clorox company issued a grant to the university of arizona to conduct a study to find out if office spaces were dirty.

so in this study underwritten by a manufacturer of cleaning products guess what the study concluded? go on, guess. yes, that's right! office spaces are filthy! and women's desks are worse breeding grounds for bacteria than men's.

mark my words, there is an ad campaign being developed right now for you dirty, dirty office people.

can i dish on lost for moment? where's penny? seriously, where is she?

at the end of season 2, when locke let all hell break loose by not entering the numbers into the computer and desmond had to use the fail-safe key, there were two guys in what we think is antarctica playing chess. suddenly their computer starts buzzing and the next thing you see is penny taking their call in which they tell her "we think we found him." so where is she? i thought last night's episode would show her at least, i don't know, packing her bags to rescue him or boarding a flight or something. but nothing. nothing! to add insult to injury, no sawyer. i will admit, though, that seeing charlie playing guitar on the street after desmond's failed interview was interesting.


Blogger Andie said...

You see that's why I like you. You think of things that I seem to forget (see my email's from today 2/15/07)

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