Saturday, January 26, 2008
Houston, We Have a Party
In five hours, nineteen minutes we will host about 20 kids at the polar party.

Cake is baked, frosted and sparkled to resemble ice, miniature marshmallow igloo was constructed yesterday using a pizzelle as a foundation (and for the record, I think I'm in love with the pizzelle. So humble, so not-to0-sweet, so many left over from this mini baking project to go with tea. And low in calories and fat, too! If you were on Weight Watchers, each cookie is like 1 point....seriously!) I promise to post a pictures. I just feel that I should give it another go since the igloo isn't quite what I envisioned. I'm a perfectionist that way.

We have 36 juice boxes and 48 aqua pods ready, along with a barrel of pretzels, a two-pound container of hummus and two bags of baby carrots for snacking. Ten pizzas are on order.

There is one pin-the-antlers-on-the-caribou game and one walk-with-an-egg-on-your-feet like a penguin game. I have decided that 20 kids with scissors for a make-your-own-snowflake activity was a disaster waiting to happen not so that's been scrapped in favor of thirty balloons for the kids to kick, throw, pop, and rub against their heads to stick to the wall in an exercise on static electricity.

There are goody bags for the kids to take home as parting gifts.

There are two bottles of wine for the adults to have after the party.

Wish us luck.


Blogger Andie said...

Have a great time & good luck. My knee has been bad for the last 3 days. Alternating between ice & heat. Not helping. Can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous CatMar said...

Good luck and happy party!!!

Blogger Vikki said...

I really want to see the pics!

Anonymous Roseanne said...

Great work.

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