Monday, January 14, 2008
Child of the 80's (As If You Couldn't Tell)
This is St. Michael's Church, which is located in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

Besides being a house of worship, it was also the setting for the 80's movie Heaven Help Us. Except in the movie it was called St. Basil's.

The movie starred this guy and Seventeen magazine said he was the "good" kid from the Brat Pack to follow. So sweet, so gentlemanly.

HHU also featured this guy, except that screen grab is from his other movie, also made in the 80's.

Now those dudes look like this:


Mr. McCarthy has recently worked on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Last Friday I saw him on 9th Avenue in NYC the other day. I can personally confirm that he's still a cutie. You've probably already heard Mr. Dempsey is working on this other show. They call him McDreamy. I call him Hot. But I stopped watching the show. Couldn't take the whining.

But back to Andrew. Let's take a look at his other work. The work that he did before the internet was born.

There was Less Than Zero, which showed how effed up drugs could be:

There was this GEM of a movie. God, I couldn't wait to graduate college and have a crisis adjusting to life.

Pay no attention to this one:

But who could forget this:

Class also happened to be the first screen role for Hottie McHottie-Pants.

Six years later, he made boombox serenading cool:

I know, I know. The 80's called. They want their teen movie geek back. Can I keep my Love's Baby Soft?


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