Thursday, January 3, 2008
Leslie from Tacoma, WA emailed me this morning to remind me that if the kid's party is going to include penguins AND polar bears, then it can't be an arctic themed party as neither species lives together in the arctic. Only the polar bears live in the arctic circle while the penguins reside in the south pole. I think you're right, Leslie. So from here on out, The Party will now be referred to as the Polar Party.

Yesterday we received in the mail a catalog for Birthday Express. If you have kids and they have birthdays, then you probably receive this catalog of themed paper goods for juvenile parties. I promptly hid the catalog because if the kids find it I am TOAST. Gone will be the easy all-white theme and I will have to buy two separate sets of party goods for each child. As long as it isn't this theme, I guess it might not be so bad:

It's Bindi the Jungle Girl!
She freaks me out a little bit.

So does this, although Joel's comment made me laugh:

Today I searched for a polar bear themed party invitation and found one. I thought it was great and I could customize it the way I wanted. And it was inexpensive, too. Before I hit the 'finalize order' button, I decided to take one last look at the photo. The polar bear featured on the front of the card is walking away from something on the ice floe. But what could it be? I zoom in, then zoom in again. Then I saw what the bear was walking away from. His seal dinner.

I quickly canceled that order. And now the search continues...


Blogger Andie said...

like the new page! so much for the polar/penguin party...

Anonymous mom said...

Good Morning Love,
The new page is so cute! As for polar bears, maybe stickers of some sort, i am trying to come up with some ideas, i need to put my thinking cap on.
Talk to you later,
Love all around,

Anonymous mom said...

Hi, me again. I am trying to help with the party and looked on the net. All i've found so far is Oriental Trading Co. They have a Polar Bear toss catch game and snowflake theme party pack with decorations and all. The game is 5 bucks and the party pack is 20 i think, i'll keep looking and if i come across anything else i'll let you know,

Anonymous CatMar51 said...

Too bad the polar/penguin party doesn't work. How about not using the word Arctic in the theme? Label the south part of the room SOUTH POLE and decorate that part of the room with penguins and then label the north part of the room NORTH POLE or ARCTIC CIRCLE and decorate with polar bears.
By the way, I like your new page.

Blogger Meredith said...

Marilyn, I love your idea of naming the opposite ends of the room North Pole and South Pole. You keep coming up with these ideas and we'll corral you into helping the day of the party!

Anonymous CatMar51 said...

I wouldn't mind that! If you need any other ideas, just ask!

Blogger dlyn said...

Found your blog from your comment over at PW. The idea of getting invitations with a dead seal on them made me LOL - who would offer an invitation like that??? Glad you saw it in time. You have a very nice blog and I will be back to check you again.

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