Monday, December 31, 2007
So Long 2007
We are kicking your butt to the curb, 2007. Sayonara! Christmas whipped us so bad we can't celebrate anymore. This family is having a quiet New Year's Eve at home, which is what we always do.

Tonight we're having a mini party. It's going to be Klassy. We're going to play Operation, eat the always elegant pigs in a blanket, zebra cake and out-of-season bellini's (only for the adults; the kids are getting sparkling cider). Also stomachaches by tomorrow if we actually eat all that.

This year, like most other years, I have the following resolutions: eat better and healthier, drop some poundage, keep in touch and actually see my friends more, enjoy the things I like to do more often, take better care of myself, play with my children more.

Also on the resolution list: read Walden. Back in high school, I thought I'd lost the copy of Walden the school distributed to the senior class. I ended up using the Cliff's notes to pass the class. The school made me pay for the lost copy, despite my 17 year old's logic of "if this is a public school funded by the taxes my parents pay, isn't it really MY book anyway?" I found the book while packing to move into my own apartment and I've been meaning to read it ever since. This year I just might.

I wish you all a wonderful 2008, and hope it turns out to be everything you're hoping for.


Blogger Andie said...

Enjoy! Eat. Drink. and be Merry!!

Happy 2008!

Anonymous mom said...

Happy New Year to all of my Loves., Andie said eat, drink and be merry, well, you are Merry LOL. Hi to you Andie, Have a very happy New Year, Healthy too, You, John & little John.


Anonymous CatMar51 said...

Happy New Year to all. My wish for you is a very happy and above all healthy 2008!

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