Thursday, December 20, 2007
This Is Not a Cry For Help
Consider it a public service message from me to you. Yes, you!

It's that time of year, when lips get chapped. Fortunately for me, I keep lip balm stashed EVERYWHERE.

Don't believe me? I have at least one stick in each coat/jacket, one on my desk, two on my nightstand at home, one in the cabinet in the bathroom for quick touch-ups when I don't want to go back to the bedroom, one in the car, three (or more) in my purse at all times. Backups are kept in my toiletry bag for traveling and in the diaper bag for the weekends.

But I don't think I have a problem because I can stop anytime I want.

OK, not really. I can't stop. I have a problem. I know I do because I took this quiz and I answered yes to many of the questions. But of all the things to have an addiction to, surely lip balm is waaaay down low on the list, yes? Far beneath heroin, gambling and overeating, right? Right. Right!

Anyway, I recognize this problem but I also embrace it because...well, I have to. I live in a cold climate and need the stuff like I need air to breathe from time to time.

A few weeks ago I received as a gift a gorgeous-and I mean GORGEOUS-Kiehl's gift set. I will risk arrest and say that I'm not really supposed to accept this kind of gift from a vendor but she was really nice and I really like Kiehl's stuff and I *might* have told one of my supervisors that they'd have to rip it from my cold dead hands if they wanted me to send it back. Anyway, in it is a tube of Kiehl's #1 lip balm.

This is one kind of balm I've not tried yet but I hear all sorts of good things about.

Today I received from a co-worker a small pot of shea butter from L'Occitane. This is like giving a gambling addict a voucher for an afternoon at the Taj.

And then, the kind lady at work who gave me the shea butter told me about a Canadian brand of lip balm called Labello which is supposed to be excellent, but unavailable in the United States. Which means I will be arranging for a mule to smuggle some stuff in for me finding a reputable Canadian source and ordering it online.

I am flush with lip balm, I just received two new lip balms and yet I seek more. Yes, I'm THAT addicted.

Please don't hate me. Or tell Lip Balm Anonymous. Or take my Carmex away. Or hold an intervention.


Blogger Andie said...

I hear the LA meeting meets every Wednesday at 7 pm

Blogger Andie said...

I hear the LA meeting meets every Wednesday at 7 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Meredith, you are too funny! Remember Linda Gitto? She had an addiction to nasal sprays. It was so bad that she destroyed the walls of her nostrils. She had to have some kind of surgery done. So, GO COLD TURKEY! STOP USING LIP BALM! LOL

Anonymous CatMar51 said...

I did not click anonymous. It did it itself!

Anonymous Mom said...

Oh My, Addicted to Lip Balm, what are we going to do with you? You must be strong, have willpower, you will get over it!!!! You are too funny and i love you!

Blogger Vikki said...

I share your addiction. I carry one in my pocket at all times and if, by chance, I forget it - I feel downright panicky!

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