Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Sick Day
I'm home today with Sophie who has caught the stomach bug from either her brother who had it on Monday or any of the three kids at school who threw up in class earlier this week. While it's never good to be sick the timing is better than, say, next week, as work will surely be crazy trying to wrap everything up for the year.

So while Sophie napped on the sofa for four hours, I slipped into germophobe mode and sprayed door knobs with lysol, opened the windows in the kids' bedroom to air it out with good, cold wintry air, washed laundry, at a big bowl of soup for lunch, knit, watched Christmas in Connecticut, had a cup of tea, read a book, went through the mail and watched the news. It's not often that I can be that productive.

I just sent some emails and finished up some work and now I'm off to cuddle with the patient. It's terrible when the kids are sick but their under-the-weather snugliness is awesome.


Blogger Andie said...

awe, hugs Sophie. Get well soon.

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