Monday, December 3, 2007
More Success
So this Culinary Expedition has totally worked. I noticed this weekend that the kids have been trying more dishes, some with success and some without. But that's OK, because the point was to get them to TRY new foods. Liking the new food was optional.

Last weekend Sophie ate a nice sized piece of lasagna. I've made her lasagna before but she never wanted a lot of cheese in it so it was a pretty sorry looking lasagna. Just three or four layers of pasta sheets with sauce and a mere hint of cheese. She ate the whole thing piece last weekend, which surprised me because it had a fair amount of ground beef in it and I thought that would automatically make it unpalatable to her. But she ate it and then asked for seconds. Harry refused to touch it. To be completely honest, I caved and made him a plate of leftover turkey and vegetables. I know the Expedition rules explicitly state that there would be no alternate supper made, but he was so cranky and I attributed it to hunger. Sue me.

This weekend I made penne vodka with pancetta. Once again, Sophie dove right in while Harry told me it was "disgusting." And then I caved and made him some pasta with butter and cheese, which he ate because that is what he eats at the sitter's house sometimes for lunch. I didn't even know this until he asked me to make the pasta the way the sitter makes it, "Wif budder!"

Last week, Sophie came home and told me that would like me to make pumpkin muffins for her. PUMPKIN! Not corn, not chocolate chip. PUMPKIN. "Where did you have pumpkin muffins?" I asked.

"At school. They were good! At first I didn't want it but then I tried it and it was really good. Can you make them?"

And so yesterday, without muffin liners, I made pumpkin mini loaves for my little pumpkin. I served it this morning with apple sauce for breakfast. I suspect they were different than the ones she had in school but I'm willing to tinker with the recipe or just accost the mom who made them for the class and ask for her recipe.

The other way I'm noticing success is in the amount of tears shed at the table. It used to be that the tears would just pour forth from their eyes at the mere mention of anything out of the ordinary. Lately they've been take the new dishes stride, taking a few bites, and loading up on vegetables if they don't really care for the rest of it. But not crying, which is great! Also not whining, which is great, too!


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