Monday, December 17, 2007
Method Man
Last night we were tucking the kids into bed and John went to turn out the light when Harry said "No! You forgot to turn on the night light!"

So I took over the ritual of putting the two-soon-to-be-three year old to bed. First. I turn on the baby monitor, then I turn on BOTH night lights, in a specific order. Next I turn off the lamp. Then I spray the monster spray, which is nothing more than a weak solution of lavender scented linen spray and water, but it keeps the monsters out and helps rest his overactive imagination from bad dreams. (The kids think I get it at the No More Monster big box store. Heh. Heh. Heh.) Then I say "when you can smell it, it's starting to work," but the solution is weak, so it takes awhile to kick in.

Then I have to sing the Baby Song, reassure Harry that all is OK with the baby that fell out of the tree, and repeat that the bough broke, not the cradle. THEN, and only then he can fall asleep.


Blogger Andie said...

awe, sweet dreams Harry.

Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Love, Its no wonder i can never talk to you when you get them ready for bed, all i used to do was read a story (you forgot that one) and kiss you goodnight - no night lights, no sprays for monsters, nothing!!, Give my little ones kisses.

Anonymous CatMar51 said...

Wow! Good thinking Mer! Monster spray.... wish I would have thought of that when Tara was little. Harry's such a cutie pie!

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