Monday, December 10, 2007
Our Weekend Adventures in Pictures
We started out at Girl Scouts, where Sophie introduced her Daisy troop and rededicated herself to the cookie cult. (The sale starts Friday.)

After dinner on Saturday, we headed out to Dyker Heights to see the over-the-top Christmas spectacle. It's become a tradition.

This is the house that has a Santa every year, in addition to a mammoth electric bill. They also have a snowman and Elmo dressed up collecting change from passing cars.

They also get grouchy when they leave their driveway gate open and your six year old walks in to see the white Christmas trees lining the drive.

This house has a far too many inflatable Christmas decorations. It's like a city of licensed characters.

Here's the red light district of the inflatable city. Simba does Scooby! (Not really, it just looks that way. At least to me.)

We demanded asked the kids to take a picture. They did so begrudgingly happily obliged. After all, Santa was in the neighborhood WATCHING THEM. (Sophie's facepaint is from a birthday party earlier in the day.)


Anonymous Mom said...

Good Morning Sweetie,

I can't believe how big the babes got. Harry-Boy looks so mature!! Sophia seems to grown taller. Pretty soon she will be taller than me, although that's not saying much. It was good talking to you, Harry & Sophie last night.

Love, Mom

Anonymous Mom said...

Sorry, i forgot, The pics are great!!

Anonymous CatMar51 said...

The pics that loaded were great! Some didn't load. Too bad I didn't know you were in Dyker. I a few blocks from that big house with the Santa. I have a story about the people who live there. I won't tell it all but Tara went out with someone who lives there and the people are very connected.

Blogger Andie said...

saw that house on the news. it's really pretty, but too cluttered. nice pics!

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