Sunday, December 23, 2007
I'm Going In
In 18 minutes, or whenever I finish this cup of coffee, I'm heading over the mall. I have four gifts left to buy. A shirt for my brother. A gift card for my dad, something for my uncle and his wife and bike lock for my mother in law. Or a bike basket, whichever I can find in Target.

I'm not a mall go-er normally and I avoid them like the plague at Christmas. But I'm behind and I'd rather get to the store early today than going on Christmas Eve, when I could be doing something more fun, like wrapping presents. Or drinking. Or inventing a wrapping drinking game.

Here's the plan. I leave here at 07:00 hours. It's a ten minute drive over there. I will drive the route that takes me past the good, free parking and if they're all taken I'll head straight for the pay garage. I'll bring my list, and go right upstairs for the bike lock/basket, head over to the men's section, grab a shirt. I'll be right on the side of electronics where I think they have the gift cards, then pop down the escalator, hit the express line and I'll be out of the store in no time. (If I can avoid the dollar bin, the greeting card section and women's clothing section I'll be OK. I'll be strong. I must be strong....)


Blogger Andie said...

OH, you are BRAVE!! Venturing out into thre stores!!!!

Anonymous CatMar51 said...

You are strong... you're just weak when it comes to lip balm haha
Anyway, sounds like a plan.

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