Monday, October 29, 2007
I Don't Like Candy Corn

We've been watching a lot of this in our house lately.

We, and my we I mean ME, thought it was cute. At first. Then I told the kids that I liked the song, and by like I meant I found it mildly amusing, because I am the only one in our house who doesn't like candy corn.

The kids find this facet of my personality troubling, as if it was a long-harbored secret that has only recently been brought out into the open. After every viewing they ask me "Really, mom? You don't like it?" Then they keep at it. "Well, why not? It's reaaaallllly yummy. You should try it! Are you sure you're not joking?"

It is actually cute when they shake their heads in disbelief that their own mother wouldn't like candy corn, a confection that sends them into a euphoric sugar buzz, that I would write off a good portion of Halloween loot just because it is waxy.

Well, the joke's on them because while they are savoring their candy corn, I'll be dipping into their treat bags for Goldberg's Peanut Chews (which are now just called Peanut Chews because the Goldberg's sold out to Just Born Candy Co.), Mary Janes and O'Henrys.

What'll you be dipping into your kid's bags for on Halloween night?


Blogger Andie said...

mmm, candy corn....didn't we have this talk when you visited? They rule!!!


I will take whatever I like out of his bag. I don't give him too much candy, so whatever I don't want, John will take to work.


and to everyone who reads this !

Anonymous Mom said...

What?!!!!!!!you don't like candy corn?!!!!!! Are you Crazy?!!!!!!
Its Delish. I love candy corn, are you really mine?!!!!!!LOL - only joshin ya. I love the part about peanut chews being sold to Just Born Candy Co - you crack me up. Talk to you later.
Love ya, Mom

Blogger CatMar said...

Candy corn? You don't like candy corn? You must be nuts. Are you sure you're your mother's daughter? Candy corn has always been my favorite candy. I always couldn't wait for Halloween to come so I can eat candy corn. Now, since I have diabetes, I'll still have some of the candy and take my chances with high sugar. I just love that stuff!!! Anyway, when Tara was small I'd take out some of the candy corn but I also like chocolate, so anything chocolate would be taken.
Happy Halloween everyone!

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