Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Wednesday Miscellany
Yesterday, I did end up having lunch at Nathan's with my neighbor Nancy. Sorry, Marilyn! We'll get you next time. It was very last minute but oh so worth it. Grilled hot dogs, Coney Island ocean air, fries with the PERFECT amount of cheese and bacon. Then a quick pop into Williams candy store to buy a treat for the kids that won't undo thousands of dollars in dental work all the while listening to Nancy tell me stories about her family. We wondered if we should make a winter trip out for lunch one day and except my cholesterol levels, I see no reason not to.
Remember way back in December when the dentist offered a free consultation for Invisalign? Apparently, I am a good candidate. So, at 3pm today, I'm off to have them installed. I'm not sure that's the right word for it....attached, maybe? They put these tiny little anchors on your teeth and the trays snap onto them. So, for a minimum of 20 hours a day (preferably more), for the next 64 weeks, I'll be wearing the trays, which will gently move my teeth into orthodontic alignment.
This story was on the news this morning. A snake. In plumbing. Yeesh. Stories like this give me the creeps.

Once, John and I saw a similar news report. It was a long time ago and after the story aired, John asked me what I would if I found myself in that situation.

"Isn't it obvious?" I replied. "We'd have to move."


Blogger Andie said...

hope you had a hot dog for me! Oh, I am dying to try those Invisalign thingies. I need 'em bad. And yes, if there was a snake in my plumbing, I would be moving too!

Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Luv,
I read that story about the snake on-line. Disgusting!!! Imagine if she never saw and sat down? Ugh!
Have a good day, I'll talk to you soon. I love you,

Blogger CatMar said...

Oh well, the least you could have done was bring me a hot dog and fries to my school! LOL Okm maybe next time. I had a Smart Ones (definately not comparison to yummy Nathans. Ewww! A snake in the toilet? I have to make sure I look in my toilet every time I use it now!

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