Thursday, October 18, 2007
Sho the dentisht put theshe thingsh on my teetsh......
It takes a great deal of effort to not sound like that when I speak. So much so that I actually refrain from talking. I also now refrain from eating, because my teeth ache when I bite down, and that's if, and only if, I can manage to wrangle these plastic torture devices called trays off my teeth. Once the nibbling is over, it's back to the bathroom to floss and brush, then the trays go back on for several more hours of alignment. And the tiny anchors? Not so tiny! I'm not supposed to notice they are there. Guess what? Noticing them! A lot!

One of the problems is that my teeth are so tightly spaced together they had to use a piece of sand paper floss to free up some space for tooth movement. Flossing. With sand paper. Metal sand paper. That was the point when I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Alas, that was also the point of no return.

I wondered if my dentist hated me because of the sand paper dental floss. I wondered what I had ever done to her. Then she told me to not be surprised if I drop a couple of pounds because of the whole tray removal/eating/brushing/tray insertion cycle. Many people stop snacking because its too much of a hassle to go through all that for a couple of pretzels. Straight teeth and a smaller butt? Methinks I could get used to these things afterall.

P.S. This post marks my 200th entry to this blog. Thanks for reading!


Blogger Andie said...

OYE! I can't be bothered with all of that. With your hectic schedule I am surprised you find the time! Keep the blogs coming, We love them!

Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Luv,

Funny, you never had a speech impediment when you were young! I just cracked up when i read the title of this blog.......too much.
Sounds like a lot of work to me and i can see why one would lose some poundage, way too much trouble.
200 entries, wow - it doesn't seem like that many, but keep blogging, i just love reading your about your days, with or without the babes involved. Thanks for being mine.

Love you,

Anonymous Mom said...

P.S. forgot to add this. I guess i won't be speaking to you for awhile because you can't talk so good and i guess it doesn't matter that my home phone isn't working!!LOL
Luv ya

Blogger CatMar said...

Ooh! sounds painful. I remember when I was a kid and had braces...hurt, HURT!!! 200 blogs, WOW!!! Keep on blogging. I love reading your blogs.

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