Monday, October 15, 2007
Stealth Vacation
Today I got up at my regular time. Showered, dressed, fed the kids, got them off to the sitter and school. The kids think I'm slaving away at the job. Except I'm not. I'm home, listening to the stereo a little too loudly, eating a grilled ham and cheese for breakfast, blogging, surfing the net and getting a list ready for the grocery store. And the grocery store is the only "must do" thing today and that's only because we're out of milk.

Oh, I also have to call the DA in my identity theft case.

Today I will also try to talk my neighbor Nancy into sneaking away to Nathan's in Coney Island for a hot dog lunch and fries topped with cheese and bacon. My arteries will be begging for mercy by week's end.


Anonymous Mom said...

Can I go to Nathan's too? I could go for one of their hot dogs and their fries yum, yum
Love You,

Blogger Andie said...

(drool) have a Nathan's dog for me, with sauerkraut. (drool) had them this summer and they are by far THE BEST~!

Enjoy your day!

Blogger CatMar said...

I work right near Nathans and hardly ever go there. Now, you made me hungry for their fries and hot dogs. Call me, I go to lunch at 11:50. I'll meet you if I can. Enjoy!

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