Thursday, August 23, 2007
This is NOT the Information Age
My husband and I have noticed, with increasing frequency, people doing things that seem to take no one but themselves into consideration. From the neighbor who thinks nothing of banging on your door and interrupting your dinner (thank God she moved to Shanghai), to the guy who takes up two parking spaces with his SUV, to the person in the supermarket who abandons his or her cart in the middle of the aisle to go back and get a bag of Fritos, to the guy on the train who screams into his cell phone, it seems to us that most people live their lives in their own person bubble and as long as their actions inconvenience everyone else, great!

Last Friday, as we walked Sophie to her last day of camp, we were forced to move aside so a woman could ride past us on her bike. On the sidewalk. Despite the presence of a street 5 feet to her right. It wasn't just a kind "on your right!" warning. This was an "Excuse ME!" request, said with a great deal of exasperation, as if we had SOME NERVE to walk on the sidewalk.

Then there are the dog owners in our neighborhood, who, regardless of the $450 fine, refuse to curb their dog and clean up afterwards. These are probably the same people who wouldn't dream of eating anything unhealthy lest they ingest something artificial and use eco-cleansers so they don't pollute Mother Earth. But leaving dog shit in front of their neighbors house is perfectly OK.

This morning on the subway, a woman spilled coffee on herself but also all over the floor and on a guy sitting behind her as the train lurched out of a station. Eating and drinking on the subway isn't really permitted, but it's one of those NY laws that isn't enforced, since we're too busy looking out for bombs and being panhandled (which is also illegal, by the way). So there she was, huge purse, large shopping bag and the hot coffee which then found its way everywhere. I didn't hear so much as a "Sorry" from her to the man, whose pants will need to be dry cleaned but she was awfully miffed at having to wipe the coffee from her foot and Old Navy flip flops.

We have dubbed this time, where people do anything they please, wherever they please however they please The Age of Entitlement.


Blogger Andie said...

just another typical day in NYC!

Anonymous Mom said...

You & John have got it so right! Even in Fl. where we have bags provided for dog poop and pails to put it in they still don't pick up after their dogs!!!
Everybody seems to be entitled to do whatever they dam well please with absolutely no consideration for other human beings. Your sister falls into this catagory. Love all of you so much.


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