Monday, August 20, 2007
Dear New Jersey Turnpike, I Hate You. Love, Me
After visiting family this weekend in the Philadelphia area, we headed home and made our way up I-95 toward New Jersey. 95 was eerily quiet, the emptiest I've ever seen.

The turnpike was another story. Bumper to bumper, the entire way home. Then more traffic at the bridge crossing into Staten Island.

What ticked me off the most about this trip was not the traffic itself. It was the signs posted along the turnpike, warning me to reduce my speed because there was Congestion Ahead.

Now, I know this is New Jersey I'm talking about but when I'm crawling at a snail's pace in the rain on a Sunday night with two restless kids in the back the last thing I need is a sign alerting me every 5 miles to reduce my speed because of upcoming congestion. I'm IN the congestion which would lead rational and logical thought to deduce that there is traffic ahead of me. Duh.


Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Love,
You must have gotten late last nite. I hope you all had a good time. Thats Jersey for ya!! But FL is worse.

Love, Mom

Anonymous Mom said...

I guess you got home pretty late. Thats Jersey for ya!!, Fl traffic is not so bad, but the drivers OMG just horrible.
I hope you all had a good time with Grammy Jane. Love you all my little chickies.


Blogger Andie said...

lol. i know what you mean. any roadway, coming into staten island is always congested.

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