Monday, August 6, 2007
Day 2 - Nature
I learned today that maps can be wrong. Or outdated. Or both. We went in a giant circle looking for a place we could hike and view waterfalls based on an outdated map. Finally, we found it. This is the visitor's center:

It had great exhibits for kids. One case showed a picture of living animals which are native to the area (black bears, coyote, red fox, raccoon). It also showed a pelt for each which creeped the kids out a little bit. Next to that there was a cast showing what their footprints look like and what their poop looks like. Yes, their poop.

Then we were off to see the falls.

Here's the first waterfall in the park. It's called Silver Thread Falls.

Here's the second waterfall, called Dingman's Falls. You could not only view it from the trail on the ground but you could also view it from above. If you climb a bajillion steps. With a two year old attached to you, carrying two sets of binoculars, one camera and the trail map.

This was a rare moment of cooperation yesterday. They posed for a picture, without fighting, whining or being pains in the asses. From the look on their faces, you'd never believe how much they protested going on a hike. Like it was a death march or something.

Walking a bajillion stairs tired the kids out enough that they fell asleep after the hike. So we drove around for awhile enjoying the non-whining silence and also stopped in the Neldon Roberts Stone House for a quick tour, in shifts, while the kids napped in the car.

This is a one-room school house built in 1920. The upper floor was where the school marm lived. The bedroom is still the same but sitting room is now a Native American exhibit (with a concentration on the Delaware Indians).

We finished off the rest of day at the pool.


Blogger CatMar said...

The kids look great! Your pics of the falls are beautiful and thank you for not showing pics of the petrified poop. Keep having fun!!

Blogger Andie said...

i love that! dingmans' falls reminds me of dunns river falls in jamaica. hope you're having a blast

Blogger Andie said...

i love that! dingmans' falls reminds me of dunns river falls in jamaica. hope you're having a blast

Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Mer & all my Chickies, The food from the first day looks d-lish. Harry-boy looks so cute in his little green crocs! The picture of my chickies is beautiful - I want that!! It sounds as if you are having a great time. The weather looks like its nice too. The falls are just beautiful!! Love to all,


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