Wednesday, August 15, 2007
One. Just One Left.
Just having a bad day. Nothing specific, just an amalgam of things that make me mad, sad, irritated, annoyed and just plain pissy. So, here you go, the list of things that are gettin’ on my last nerve today:

1. My love/hate relationship with work
2. My love/hate relationship with our apartment
3. I’ve never been to Montana
4. Hannah Montana and the grip she has on my daughter
5. The radio that’s still broken in our car
6. Rachel Ray
7. Rachel Ray brand EVOO
8. Inky, the amazing shitting cat
9. Paying over $2.49 for a gallon of gas (you could fill that in with any price, most days)
10. My husband never took that job at Cosmair. We might be living in Paris today if he had.
11. Identity theft.
12. The dreary stationhouse the detective on my identity theft case works in (seriously, I almost called Extreme Makeover, Precinct Edition)
13. Global warming (also see item #9)
14. Mosquito bites
15. The subway
16. The smell on the subway
17. The people on the subway
18. Toy recalls
19. The cold I’m fighting
20. Back to school shopping
21. My glasses
22. My contacts
23. The fact that my daughter thinks I grew up in the 50’s
24. Partially hydrogenated oil
25. My carbon footprint
26. No more Gilmore Girls
27. No Lost until February
28. Pre-season football
29. The pile of stuffed animals in our home
30. Not having DVR
31. High Fructose Corn Syrup
32. Squirrels
33. Sinus pressure
34. Flossing
35. Starbucks
36. Paperwork
37. Being a “team player”
38. Catchy business phrases like “wrap my head around it” and “managing expectations”
39. My cell phone
40. Luxury Condos
41. The word “luxury”

My kids also woke up in a bad mood. Did you? Tell me what's bugging you today.


Anonymous Mom said...

Dear Mer, I am sorry you are having a bad day. Most of the things on your list are not important enough to get upset over, (don't sweat the small stuff). I spoke to Sophie last night and so did Pop-Pop. Stan told her about Leigh having a baby and Sophs was adamant about not, I repeat Not having another baby in the family. She said Zack and Harry are fine and that 3 in the family are fine but NOooo 4th child. Can you get beleive she is only 6 1/2? It was so good to talk to her. Then i asked her what she was doing this week and she said "circus camp" I said "didn't you just go to circus camp?" To which she replied "nana, i go to circus camp every year". I hope this gives you a little chuckle and also hope that you feel better. I love you, Mom

Anonymous Mom said...

P.S. I didn't wake up in a bad mood and not too much bugging me yet, i haven't been around Stan too much today, but with a Hurricane maybe coming he is bound to make me crazy. He already started last night, so i guess that is all that bugs me - Stan (only sometimes)

Blogger CatMar said...

Cher - Up until this past Monday, the thing that bugged me most was Freddie. He was home on medical leave for 5 months and drove me nuts!!! He went back to work on Monday and I've been doing the happy dance ever since.
Mer - Your mom is right. Just swear the small stuff because most of it ain't worth it. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and think of all the things you can be happy about. By the way, I've been to Montana and it is a beautiful state but not worth being upset over not seeing.

Blogger Meredith said...

I'm not sweating the small stuff. Just crabby, know what I mean?

Already on the upswing but apparently this feeling is infectious. Lots of my co-workers are feeling the same way!

Anonymous Mom said...

Glad to hear you are just crabby, sometimes i wake up like that for days on end and then poof..... i'm feeling better. Yeah, that feeling is contagious, i've experienced it.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous Cheryl said...

Marilyn, so i guess Freddie took care of your summer vacation huh?

Love ya, Cher

Blogger CatMar said...

Cher -Oh yeah, big time. It's nice to sometimes have him home... but everyday? NO WAY!! I look forward to having my days off to my self... but no such luck.
And yes, Mer, I know what you mean. Glad that things are starting to look better to you.

Blogger Andie said...

awe, your's is nothing compared to mine..... my car went up in flames, my sister & richie are assholes, BUT Niagara falls was beautiful. smile. things can only get better

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