Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Suddenly, the whole Apple-Falling-from-the-Tree-Line has Taken on a Whole New Meaning
One day, a coworker walked into my office and dropped a bag on my desk. "Eat these," he said. "You'll love them."

I peered inside and found two little doughy blobs. "Chinese dumplings?"

Soup dumplings," he replied.

I was skeptical. How could they make soup stay inside a dumpling? It sounds like it shouldn't work-wet food on the the inside of a dough shell-but it does. And they're good.

I'd forgotten all about those soup dumplings until this week. I've seen two travel shows in as many days where pork soup dumplings were mentioned and it has ignited a miniature obsession. I. Must. Have. Soup. Dumplings. Suddenly I'm all about finding a place that serves these and the sooner the better. Rumor has it this is the best place to eat them.

I get this way sometimes. I find a food I like and it's all I want to eat. The obsession passes quickly and soon I'm back to my normal eating habits. There have been several episodes in my life where I can recall the time solely on what I'd been consuming: the Big Mac phase (Summer, 2000; in my defense it was pregnancy induced), the pear/blue cheese/walnut salad phase (Winter, 2002), the Waldorf chicken Salad phase (Summer, 2003), the Middle-Eastern cuisine phase (Fall, 2004). This summer is marked thus far by a white sangria phase and the burgeoning phase of pork soup dumplings.

And Harry, of late, has developed an obsession of his own. It goes beyond his train and car obsession (and that's saying something).

The other night he was standing in the kitchen and found a blue plastic fork, the handle of which is shaped like Rodney from Robots. "Mom! This is my favorite fork!" Just like that. He found it, decided he liked it and hasn't been apart from it since. If you think I'm kidding about the obsession, I'm not. Harry will not eat with any other fork. He considers the mere presence of another fork an insult to his fork-using skills, as if another utensil could ever compare to the Rodney fork. (For the record, the fork itself sucks. It's too dull to pierce food so it usually sits idle in his left hand while Harry eats with his right.)

He also sleeps with the fork and carries it with him wherever he goes. God forbid you should ask to wash it. Occasionally he uses it as a phone to call his sister to find out where her fork is (or as he calls it her "Lady Fork", which just sounds really weird, like it's a personal grooming device or something).


Anonymous Mom said...

My little Harry Boy and that fork!! I don't think you and your sibs were ever attached to anything like that. He is too much!! And you and those soup dumplings, we must have them next time i'm in. I give you credit, you will taste most anything, I on the other hand won't try anything that doesn't look good. And Soph is getting to taste more things too. Speaking of Sophie, she called me last night to thank me for the Hannah CD. You know, its funny, I still call CD's albums, old habits and all, but Sophie always corrects me by saying "you mean the CD"? Oh well talk to you later. Love, Hugs & Kisses to all

Blogger Andie said...

That's ok Cheryl, I stll call them albums too! I still play mine! Yes, albums. Harry sounds like my dad, who acted just like his grandpa. They both had their own utensils. My dad started that phase a few years back, he took them everywhere, and yes, in the end, they went with him. Love ya Harry!

Blogger CatMar said...

Yes, I too call CDs albums... old habits die hard... but I'm getting better... I sometimes correct myself. Harry has a favorite fork... oh well, it could be a blanket. The dumplings sound good. I've never heard of dumplings with soup in them. Usually a dumpling you put in soup. I have to try them.

Blogger Meredith said...

Marilyn, Harry does have an obsession with a blanket called "Lovey" (or as he says "wuvey". It goes everywhere with him. Lovey was his first obsession.

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