Saturday, August 25, 2007
Back to School Shopping
Yesterday I headed to the mall with the kids for some back to school shopping for Sophie. I realized not long into the trip why I don't bring my kids to the mall like, ever. We lost one toy, broke one mannequin, shed countless tears, and Harry tried to pick up a waitress by nicknaming her "sexy." (At least that's what it sounded like to me.)

Lots of the clothes in Penny's and Macy's were over the top ugly just plain slutty looking (feel free to add your own adjective to the end of that last line). If they aren't slutty looking, they have GIANT LOGOS plastered across the front. (Or the back. Or both.) The skirts are too short, the tops too revealing. Is it too hard to ask the manufacturers to not make clothes for my six year old that make her look like she is off to her first job as a receptionist at a brothel? OHMYGOD I have become my father.

The not-so-secret solution to my clothing dilemma was found at Sears, the retail store that sells Land's End clothing. Cute skorts! Nice dresses, versatile cardigan sweaters, rain slickers with matching hats and boots. They didn't have all our choices in Sophie's size but we can order it online. The saleswoman told me that if I order the clothing I want at the terminal in the store it is FREE to ship to your home. I would have done it except Harry was walking around in a mismatched pair of girls shoes and banging on an overturned metal basin which was part of the store display.


Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Mer & the Chickies, I hear what you are saying about the clothes for Sophie. Some of the things are HORRIBLE!!. Soooooo my Harry Boy is hitting on a waitress - just wait until he hits his teen years - he will be able to have any girl he wants because he is so darn good looking!! Who broke the mannequin? Now i know why you don't mall shop. Love to all.

Blogger Andie said...

lol. sounds like i missed out on all the fun. i will be school shopping tomorrow, though not at the mall. Gonna try Target. Talk to you soon. oh, and who broke the mannequin?

Blogger CatMar said...

OK, I'll be the third to ask...Who broke the mannequin????
Now that that's out of the way, sounds like you had an interesting day school shopping. I've seen some of the girl's clothes they're selling and I'll tell you it's because of what the media puts out there. Look at some of the slutty clothes that the so called superstars wear... and the kids want to look like them. I went school shopping today too. Staples had their teacher appreciation day today. Once a yearhey give out some sample school supplies to teachers. I got my gift and bought stuff for my classroom.

Blogger Andie said...

ok, so we're still waiting on that answer....

Blogger Meredith said...

The broken mannequin was courtesy of Sophie. Broken isn't really the right word for it. She was spinning it around on the post it sits on and then it just sort dropped down the post to where the pedestal is. The little cap, which is supposed to be the neck (it was one of those headless mannequins), popped off. Thank goodness the saleslady was understanding!

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