Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Concert Goers
Attending a wedding was not the only thing we did during our jaunt to West Point.

Ronan Tynan, one of the Irish Tenors (and doppelgänger of a good friend of mine), gave a concert at the famed Ike Hall and after the nuptials we decided to take in the performance.

Now that we have kids, concerts are one of the activities we've given up in exchange for bedtime rituals. I miss concerts. Oh sure, we've gone to concerts, like sing-alongs at the kids' school and I've seen the odd third-rate performer at office Christmas parties but it's been a long time since we've gone to a concert, a live performance given by an adult for adults.

Ronan Tynan sang everything from Danny Boy to U2 to the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen and ended the concert with God Bless America. He could have sang Jimmy Cracked Corn for all I care. It was good to be out doing something we used to do!

We were some of the youngest people there and when Ronan Tynan announced that he'd stick around to sign autographs I thought I'd wait around and have him sign my program. Except all the older women who appeared to be leaving the concert early were actually getting in line for their shot at getting the big guy's autograph. The line snaked around the lobby of the theater and was so crowded we decided to ditch the autograph and go home for a good night's sleep, the other activity we've been missing lately.


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