Thursday, September 24, 2009
My Personal Fairy Tale
Once upon a time there was a working mom who had two kids, two cats, two hamsters and one husband. Often, the working mom could be seen skipping to and fro between activities, which she rather liked, although at times it could be a bit much. But to and fro she went between church fundraisers and school meetings and work and multi-family block-wide events and dead car batteries, laundry, playdates and grocery shopping.

Seemingly at once, the husband and children of the working mom came down with nasty colds, which was evident by the symphony of coughing, sniffling and sneezing. The working mom administered the proper care and popped some vitamins to try to keep herself healthy.

One night, whilst the family were still suffering from their colds, the working mom's husband developed tremors and fever, requiring a trip to the emergency room. While there, the working mom sat in The World's Most Uncomfortable Chair and eavesdropped on the other patients' tales of woe. To pass the time she watched Oprah reruns and diagnosed all the patients, and decided they were all going to die, because, eventually they all would prove her right. (The working mom was very tired and in a dark place that day.)

Incidentally, the working mom's husband was OK, much to the relief of the working mom.

The working mom decided the next day that she herself should perhaps visit her doctor for a long overdue checkup. A step onto the scale showed that the working mom had packed on the pounds over a summer and knew right then and there she would have to do something about it because she was didn't want to have to buy jeans in that size ever again.

And as the working mom was slowly regaining control of a very hectic week she received a notice home about a case of head lice in her youngest child's class, which, honestly, nearly pushed her over the edge. Several deep breaths and a check of the babe's head revealed no lice, just dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. Whew.

The End.


Anonymous mom said...

Great fairy tale, I hope all is well with John & my little ones & especially You! Love you so much

Blogger Andie said...

can i have a glass of warm milk?

Anonymous Vikki said...

This seems more like the story of a superhero than a fairy tale :) Hope things settle down soon.

Blogger CatMar said...

Yees. It's the story of SUPER MOM!! Things can get very hectic sometimes, but you wouldn't know what to do with yourself if things quieted down.

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