Monday, April 6, 2009
Breaking It Off
Back in December, Sophie got some fancy x-ray that made the usual price of a dentistry visit skyrocket. For the past three months I've been making weekly phone calls to the insurance company to find out where my money is because, hello! THAT was a lot to pay five days before Christmas. The insurance company needs an "explanation" for the service and the only explanation I have is that the dentist made me do it. The insurance company has sent letters, except the dental office claims they've never received them.

A few weeks back I got a little testy and asked if they could maybe get off their duffs and call the insurance company for me? Which they didn't do.

So then I called and reminded them again that this issue was outstanding and they needed to resolve it because of a little car insurance bill that is due and it is amazing that one dental visit could pay for six months of automobile insurance in New York City.


This time I got to talk to the dentist, who assured me that the individual responsible for this would handle it first thing Monday morning (one week ago), and that person claims they tried to but could not reach anyone at the insurance company, which happens if you call before 8am and after 5pm. But in between? Lots of people to call. TONS.

This afternoon the dental office called to give me a friendly reminder that we have a dental appointment this Saturday to which I replied "Oh, really? Well have you figured everything out with the insurance company because I just know this appointment is going to be more out-of-pocket and I find it interesting how this issue isn't that important to you since you are paid right away but I can pony up a few more hundred dollars because you were friendly enough to remind me."

And the answer (of course) was no, it still is not resolved. And then I said "cancel the appointment. I shouldn't have to fight to get my money reimbursed because of your incompetence, and please prepare our records to be sent. We'll be finding another dentist."

So that's that. I broke it off, but I have a feeling the dentist herself will call me later. She's not afraid to pick up the phone when something is amiss or when she wants to lay the guilt on me. I just hope it's not like Seinfeld, where the first break up never takes.


Blogger Andie said...

well, that just sucks! good luck!

Blogger CatMar said...

Dealing with insurance companies can really suck. Doesn't your insurance co. pay the dentist directly when a claim form is sent to them? I remember that's what was done with my ins. co.

Blogger Meredith said...

Our dentist won't take assignment. Probably because they don't want to deal with trying to get paid by the insurance co.

In all honesty, the insurance company is the more co-operative one in this whole situation. Go figure!

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