Saturday, January 17, 2009
Ten Plus
Yesterday John and I reached the 10 year mark of our marriage. The weather screamed "stay home! wear pajamas! order in!" but John had arranged for my fantastic step-mom to baby sit and made reservations for dinner here:

As we looked over the wine list, the chef sent out parsnip soup with stuff floating on top that was infused with something or other and had toasted almonds on top. It arrived in a little demitasse cup and as soon as the waiter had left we realized that there were no spoons with which to eat the soup. We requested some but our captain quietly swooped in and politely explained that the soup was intended to be sipped straight from the cup. I was too embarrassed to explain that we'd assumed that since the restaurant had tablecloths and there were no chicken fingers on the menu we'd be required to eat all courses with utensils and without ketchup.

Obviously, we don't get out much.

The rest of our meal was delicious and passed without much embarrassment. There was an errant lamb chop bone that slid off my plate but I quickly recovered it.

The view from the restaurant was amazing. It's nestled right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. From our table, John had a view of the bridge and I looked out at Manhattan. It was gorgeous and the food was amazing and
and our dessert had a little chocolate plaque that said "Happy Anniversary" and I loved that after dinner they have an employee whose job is to go out and hail you a taxi. It was a wonderful place to celebrate.

After dinner we forced ourselves to go for one more drink after dinner, just so we wouldn't be home before 10 pm. God, we're pathetic.

Today marks the beginning of the next 10 years of our marriage.
It is a long weekend, we have one kid with the sniffles, my arch nemesis, Laundry, needs to be dealt with. We have Christmas decorations that need to be stored. We have movies from Netflix to watch and popcorn to pop. All the mundane stuff that makes up a happy, happy life.


Blogger Andie said...

Happy Anniversary to you both~~

Anonymous Mom said...

We wish you both a very Happy Ten Year mark! The restaurant looks and sounds fab. Way to go John!!

Love all around,

Blogger CatMar said...

Wow! What a classy place! Happy tenth and many,many, many, etc more!

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