Sunday, January 4, 2009
Mr. Fixit
Our heating system seems to be in working order thanks to a man named Lee and his amazing ability to change the boiler's low water cut off valve, a thingamabob with the handle on it which regulates how much water the boiler holds. It is like the mechanism in your toilet that allows your tank to hold water without spilling over, which I think it is called a ballcock. Obviously I know far too much about plumbing now.

Anyway, the thingamabob? It is vital to the operation of the boiler, which is vital to the operation of this household. Not to keep the occupants warm, but to let the mama sleep without being jarred from slumber when the pipes all of a sudden CLANG! at 4am. And also to prevent mama and papa from killing each other over whose turn it is to dump the water out of pots shoved under leaky steam valves. It is no long either arctic cold or tropical hot, it is comfortable so we can actually walk to the kitchen without breaking a sweat or needing a scarf.


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Anonymous Mom said...

Glad to hear all is ok with your boiler, etc.
Love, Mom

Blogger CatMar said...

Glad to hear that Lee fixed your plumbing problems

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